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Ascaso i-steel i2 Grinder

Ascaso i-steel i2 Grinder

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Product Description

This is a great grinder to match the Uno Pro and Duo machines. Features are the same as the Imini grinder series and include 38mm conical burrs, stepless infinite grind adjustment, 140 watt motor and a solid brushed stainless steel body. Not only a good looker but this grinder performs like none other in its class and at an affordable price.

Simple Manual Operation - On the side of the grinder there is a button that you can control the main power. Just under the coffee dispensing chute, another spring-loaded manual on/off button is present, and when pressed, the grinder will start, then immediately turn off when the button is released. Place the coffee holder (or any storage container) against the button to start grinding and then remove the coffee holder when the desired amount of coffee has been dispensed.

Easy to Clean - One important and often overlooked task required of owning a good coffee grinder is routine cleaning. To clean, just remove the coffee bean hopper and cover to expose the grinding chamber. You can perform a thorough cleaning to remove built up coffee grounds around the main cutting wheel and then reassemble the grinder.

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